Monday, March 23, 2009

Roman's spica cast

Yes my 20 month old managed to break his femur the hardest bone in the body. He fell off of my kitchen chair onto our tile floor on Tuesday afternoon. After 20 minutes of crying and not being able to stand I called Mark and had him meet me at sutter's ER. They took x-rays and saw he had a hairline fracture. He had to go up to the OR to have the cast put on, he had to go under and everything. That night Roman and I stayed up in pediatrics, because the hospital didn't have a harness for him to go home in. The next day after hours of calling around for a harness the hospital let me try my carseat and it worked! We were so excited to get home. I did not sleep at all in the hospital. That day I came down with a flu cold ( achy body, temprature, cough) I felt awful. Friday Dominic got diarrhea and Mark got a cold. Saturday Roman got it. We have had a horrible week! Roman has been great though I have to hold him or prop him on the couch with pillows because he can't sit up or stand obviously. I have to move him every 4 hours in the night so he doesn't get sores on his skin. We spend our time pretending to drive and sitting around hopefully we will go out more as soon as the kids get better. 2 more weeks to go. Ahhh


Emily said...

Oh Lauren you guys have really been through it the last week! I pray everyone heals and the time passes quickly!

McClure Family said...

That is soo sad! If there is anything I can do let me know. :-)

Carly said...

oh lauren, you are such a trooper! i hope the time passes as quickly as possible. i can also help if you need it - like watching dominic or if you need a meal or something. i bet he will be back to climbing all around and running in no time!